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Hello everyone and welcome to the Junior Collegiate Tour, a series of showcase bowling tournaments created by the Warr Foundation to accomplish three objectives:

  1. To create an environment that promotes fun, exciting and meaningful competition between bowlers.
  2. To determine the ranking order of the competitive bowlers.
  3. To bridge the gap between colleges, universities and youth bowlers seeking national exposure.

We accomplish this by having youth bowlers compete in a series of showcase tournaments that will give them the opportunity to display their ability to bowl on sport patterns and win in head-to-head competition. The results of the tournaments will be comprised into a brand new ranking system that will determine where bowlers rank in comparison to their peers across a particular region. Colleges and universities nationwide will be invited to use this ranking system to determine which youth bowler(s) are best suited to help their bowling program. We are very proud of this bowling tour and hope you find it both fun and exciting. So good luck and good bowling!

— Paul T. Warr, CEO Warr Foundation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Every year, we invite businesses to sponsor tournaments within the Junior Collegiate Tour (JCT). The JCT is a series of showcase bowling tournaments created by the Warr Foundation. By sponsoring the JCT, you further the Warr Foundation’s mission to assist our most vulnerable and valuable resource, our children, achieve their dream of college attendance.

Learn about the JCT’s Sponsorship Opportunities


We serve youth bowlers who desire to compete, have aspirations to bowl collegiately, and the colleges and universities that recruit them. We provide national exposure through showcase tournaments, statistical analysis and rankings that simplifies the recruit search process and bridges the gap between youth bowlers looking for scholarship opportunities and the colleges and universities that offer them.


The JCT wants to be the standard by which youth bowlers look to compete and colleges use to recruit.

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