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Welcome Youth League Administrators!!!

We are so glad you are here. You are an integral part of the JCT. We depend on you to ensure the JCT is operated with integrity and all youth bowlers have an opportunity to do their best while competing. Please follow the instruction below to register your youth league and to register your bowlers for competition:

  1. Click the link below to “Create an Account”.
  2. Create an account for your youth league.
  3. To register bowlers for a tournament click “Tournament Registration”.
  4. Register all bowlers from your league whom want to participate in the upcoming bowling tournament.
    1. Fill out the online registration form and submit.
  5. Remember to upload your average verification form when you submit your registration.
    1. Averages submitted will be as of the deadline stated on the JCT website.
  6. 5) Ensure all of the youth bowlers in your league that are participating in the JCT, have created a profile.
    1. It’s how colleges will contact or follow them.

As a youth league administrator, your registration will grant you access to the tournament standings and state rankings for download and display at your youth league. Also, all patterns to be competed on will be posted on the events page. It is recommended that youth bowlers have the opportunity to practice on the patterns before the tournament to ensure they are able to perform their best when competing.

League Administrators Register Here

Once you’re registered as a League Administrator, you can then register for tournaments.

YLAs Register Here For Tournament

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