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College Coaches

Coaches, welcome to the JCT. You will be so glad you dropped by. The JCT was designed to showcase a bowler’s ability while competing against his/her peers, regionally, on a variety of college sport patterns.

On Saturday, each competitor will demonstrate his/her ability to bowl in a total pins competition with the top 60 bowlers advancing. On Sunday, each competitor will display his/her ability to win in head-to-head match play.

We designed this tour to make it easier for you to find potential recruits in states you may not have the luxury to focus on. We have developed a ranking system (Warr Ranks) that displays for you how the bowlers compare to each other as it applies to participation on this tour. Warr Ranks utilizes the following bowler’s statistics, (Youth league avg, tour avg., tour strike %, tour spare %, tour clean games, and avg. tour placement) and places them in a unique formula that shows over the course of the six tournament tour, who performed best to worst.

The divisions have been set up to make it easy for you to find what you need quickly and efficiently, whether it’s a recruit for this year or one for the future. Never before has anyone attempted such a grand undertaking, connecting colleges and universities nationwide, to youth bowlers in particular states. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide this for you.

The costs for access to the tournament standings, player rankings, bowler statistics, and player profiles with contact information is a mere $300.00 per region. You receive all of this amazing information, at your fingertips, for less than the cost of one, out of state, tournament visit. To take advantage of this great service, simply follow the instructions below:


  1. Click the “Register” button below to create an account.
  2. Accounts will last for one season and will expire yearly, on August 31st.
  3. Accounts must be renewed for the following season.
  4. Creating an account allows you to view the standings of each tournament, the regional rankings, bowler profiles with contact information, and individual tournament statistics.
  5. Official rankings will be posted after the third tournament in all divisions (Junior/Senior Girls & Boys, Freshman/Sophomore Girls & Boys).
  6. Clicking on a name in the ranking system will connect you to the bowler’s profile, which will show you a variety of information including: picture, biography, contact information, link to practice video, and bowling statistics from all tournaments.
  7. That’s it… If you find someone you are interested in, you can contact them or if they are young, you can track them.

Thank you for letting us help you with your bowling needs.

For a limited time, we're offering a special introductory rate of $100.00 for the 23-24 season


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