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The Tour

The JCT is a bowling competition consisting of five (5) showcase tournaments and an invitation only Regional Championship. The tour is designed to allow youth bowlers the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to bowl on sport patterns, while competing against the best talent in the region. The following is an outline of the tour and how it will be conducted:

  1. Tours will be divided by region.
  2. Youth League bowlers will compete in the division in which they fall for the tournament: Divisions are designated by high school grade levels.
    1. a) Junior/Senior Girls
    2. b) Junior/Senior Boys
    3. c) Freshman/Sophomore Girls
    4. d) Freshman/Sophomore Boys
  3. Tournaments will be conducted over the weekend.
    1. a) Saturday – 8 games with the top 60 advancing to the elimination round on Sunday.
    2. b) Sunday – Single elimination, head to head match play. Matches are the best two out of three.
      1. Matches will consist of two games with a 9th & 10th frame roll-off if necessary.
      2. Bowlers will have to win two games or one game and the roll off to advance to the next round.
      3. Matches will proceed until a champion is determined.
  4. Scholarship money will be awarded to 1st through 6th place.
  5. Statistics from the tournament will be used to calculate rankings.
  6. Bowlers must compete in at least three (3) JCT tournaments in a particular region, within a season, to receive an official ranking.
  7. At the end of the fifth tournament, the top sixty two (62) ranked bowlers will be invited to bowl in the JCT Regional Championship.
    1. a) The JCT Championship will be a two day double elimination, head-to-head, match play tournament.
    2. b) Winners bracket match play will consist of the best two out of three games.
    3. c) The elimination bracket will consist of the best of two with a 9th and 10th frame roll off if necessary.
  8. At the beginning of the next season, the previous years statistics will be archived and new stats will be collected for the next season.

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